[Lustre-discuss] LNET over multiple NICs

Sébastien Buisson sebastien.buisson at bull.net
Wed Dec 19 01:01:54 PST 2012


Le 18/12/2012 19:27, Alexander Oltu a écrit :
> This is one of OSSes:
> [root at oss1 ~]# lctl list_nids
> at tcp
> at tcp1
> This is one of the clients:
> nid00030:~ # lctl list_nids
> at tcp
> at tcp1

Everything seems fine.

> Thank you for the clear explanation, I will try --network
> option distributed over OSTs and will get back. BTW, do you know
> if this setup has better performance than simply bonded NICs?

I have no experience in doing multirail on ethernet, sorry. The 
principle is exactly the same as for Infiniband, but as Infiniband 
interfaces cannot be bonded (except for IPoIB which is not of interest 
when considering performance), I cannot tell.

> Does this mean that it is enough to mount like this?
> mount.lustre at tcp0:/lustre /mnt/lustre

Adding a second NID only serves for high-availability purpose when 
establishing the initial connection.


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