[Lustre-discuss] problem with installing lustre and ofed

Ken Hornstein kenh at cmf.nrl.navy.mil
Fri Dec 28 20:56:27 PST 2012

>That's good to know kernel-ib comes with the lustre stock install.
>What about the rest of the OFED tools?  I mean things like ibdiagnet,
>ibstatus, etc?  (I will look at the contents of the other rpms and see
>what I can learn)

I think Jeff missed a few steps.  If you want the _server-side_ packages,
what you need to do is:

- Install a Lustre-patched kernel, including devel packages (you can use
  the ones from Whamcloud if they're suitable).
- Build your OFED against that kernel & install it.
- Compile Lustre against the Lustre-patched kernel and the OFED.  This
  is the tricky part; you need to make sure to tell Lustre to link against
  the right OFED package.

There are Lustre build scripts that actually automate all of this; last
time I checked, they were only available in the git tree, NOT in the
source tarball.  Those build scripts are a bit of a pain to use, and I
find that I always have to tweak them a bit.  But once you figure them all
out it makes things easier.

Now as for the userspace utilities ... well, you need to make sure they're
not too far off from the kernel.  How far is "too far"?  Good question.
I don't think they're guaranteed to work when they don't match, but in my
limited experience minor version differences are ok.


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