[Lustre-discuss] Thread might be hung, Heavy IO Load messages

Carlos Thomaz cthomaz at ddn.com
Wed Feb 1 11:04:41 PST 2012

Hi David,

You may be facing the same issue discussed on previous threads, which is
the issue regarding the zone_reclaim_mode.

Take a look on the previous thread where myself and Kevin replied to
Vijesh Ek.

If you don't have access to the previous emails, look at your kernel
settings for the zone reclaim:

cat /proc/sys/vm/zone_reclaim_mode

It should be set to 0.

Also, look at the number of Lustre OSS service threads. It may be set to


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On 2/1/12 11:57 AM, "David Noriega" <tsk133 at my.utsa.edu> wrote:

>indicates the system was overloaded (too many service threads, or

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