[Lustre-discuss] obdidx mapping

Jack David jd6589 at gmail.com
Tue Feb 7 05:37:16 PST 2012

Hi All,

I used the "lfs getstripe" command to get the stripe info for a
particular on the lustre client. Now I need to get the mapping between
the "obdidx" and  the corresponding IP address for the respective OSS.
Is there any entry created in the procfs which I can use to get the IP
address information?


PS: Output of "lfs getstripte"

$ lfs getstripe -v /mnt/lustre/zerofile
lmm_magic:          0x0BD10BD0
lmm_seq:            0x200000400
lmm_object_id:      0x8
lmm_stripe_count:   2
lmm_stripe_size:    1048576
lmm_stripe_pattern: 1
lmm_stripe_offset:  0
	obdidx		 objid		objid		 group
	     0	             9	          0x9	             0
	     1	             8	          0x8	             0

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