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Hi Jack,

I guess this is what you are looking for:

4.3.15 Determining Which Machine is Serving an OSTIn the course of
administering a Lustre file system, you may need to determine which
machine is serving a specific OST. It is not as simple as identifying the
machine¹s IP address, as IP is only one of several networking protocols
that Lustre uses and, as such, LNET does not use IP addresses as node
identifiers, but NIDs instead.
To identify the NID that is serving a specific OST, run one of the
following commands on a client (you do not need to be a root user):
client$ lctl get_param osc.${fsname}-${OSTname}*.ost_conn_uuid
For example:
client$ lctl get_param osc.*-OST0000*.ost_conn_uuid
osc.myth-OST0000-osc-f1579000.ost_conn_uuid= at tcp
- OR -
client$ lctl get_param osc.*.ost_conn_uuid
osc.myth-OST0000-osc-f1579000.ost_conn_uuid= at tcp
osc.myth-OST0001-osc-f1579000.ost_conn_uuid= at tcp
osc.myth-OST0002-osc-f1579000.ost_conn_uuid= at tcp
osc.myth-OST0003-osc-f1579000.ost_conn_uuid= at tcp
osc.myth-OST0004-osc-f1579000.ost_conn_uuid= at tcp

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