[Lustre-discuss] Debugging Lustre Client

Artem Blagodarenko ablagodarenko at xyratex.com
Fri Feb 17 01:13:57 PST 2012


For getting filtered messages not only once you can do next steps:

1) sysctl -w lnet.printk=-1
2) #lctl debug_daemon start path_to_not_filtered_file
   This enables debug capturing to specified file.
3) make needed actions
4) lctl debug_daemon stop
5) Configure filter with "show" and "filter" lctl's commands (you can get subsystems with "lctl debug_list subs"
for example, next commands filter all messages except lent
#lctl filter all_subs 
#lctl show lent
6) filter you debug messages
#lctl debug_file path_to_not_filtered_file path_to_filtered_file

You can reconfigure filters in the way you want and call again.
#lctl debug_file path_to_not_filtered_file path_to_filtered_file

I hope I understand your question right way.

Best regards,
Artem Blagodarenko.

On 17.02.2012, at 10:23, Jack David wrote:

> Hi All,
> I want to print the tracing information on the lustre client. I tried
> enabling the debugging information using
> sysctl -w lnet.printk=-1
> And then I am using
> lctl debug_kernel <file_name>
> to print the debugging log into a file.
> I am mainly interested in the traces of LLITE and OSC. But I managed
> to get theses traces only once. If I do "lctl debug_kernel" for next
> runs, I am not getting calls made from osc_request.c files or
> llite/file.c for any read/write.
> I did "lctl clear" before running any read/write command (mainly "cp")
> on lustre mount. Am I doing anything wrong?
> Also, there are many LDLM message which I want to omit. Is there any
> way to suppress LDLM messages?
> Thanks,
> J
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