[Lustre-discuss] 2.1.1? Re: 1.8.x server for el6

Alex Kulyavtsev aik at fnal.gov
Thu Jan 5 12:18:14 PST 2012

On Jan 5, 2012, at 12:12 PM, Peter Jones wrote:
> On 12-01-05 9:21 AM, Andreas Dilger wrote:
>> For new deployments the recommended version is 2.1.0 with RHEL6.1.   
>> We are
>> starting work on a 2.1.1 maintenance release for the spring.
> While it is not often that I would disagree with Andreas, I would say
> that the answer on this point depends upon your timing. Right now, if
> stability is your primary driver (and it sounds like it is) then I  
> would
> recommend 1.8.7-wc1. The early feedback from 2.1 is very encouraging,
> but I think that we need a little more production feedback before we
> could confidently assert that 2.1.x is the default option.

if by some reason (features) we need to stick with 2.1.x and rebuild  
2.1.0 with 2.1.1 patches to get more stability if needed,
is there
- separate branch for it (2.1.1)
- JIRA tracker for bug fixes for 2.1.1 release


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