[Lustre-discuss] e2fsck-wc4 speed

Samuel Aparicio saparicio at bccrc.ca
Thu Jul 5 08:28:15 PDT 2012


we are trying to recover a crashed OST with e2fsck-1.40-wc4. The OST is about 12Tb
to try and speed up, we invoked with the -E shared=delete option to remove inodes with multiply linked blocks.
e2fsck is crawling, even more slowly than without this option. at present rate it will take 50 days to complete I estimate.
the server has 64Gb of memory but this is apparently not enough as all is used and it's now paging.

does anyone have an idea how to get this done faster?

sam aparicio

Professor Samuel Aparicio BM BCh PhD FRCPath
Nan and Lorraine Robertson Chair UBC/BC Cancer Agency
675 West 10th, Vancouver V5Z 1L3, Canada.
office: +1 604 675 8200 lab website http://molonc.bccrc.ca

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