[Lustre-discuss] Lustre 2.2 production experience

Marek Magryś m.magrys at cyfronet.pl
Mon Jun 11 03:31:47 PDT 2012

Hi Wojciech,

We have been using 2.2 in production on 500TB fs with 8 OSS and >1k 
clients for some time, but we are now in process of rolling back to 
2.1.1 on the clients, as there are some critical bugs which force us to 
do so. However we plan to stay in 2.2 on the servers for as long as 
possible (until we hit some bug).
I'd advise not to go for 2.2 on the clients at the moment, however 
servers seem to work fine - but this is just my personal opinion, I bet 
that Whamcloud guys can tell you more as they have a wider look at all 
bugs status.


On 09.06.2012 22:33, Wojciech Turek wrote:
> I am building a 1.5PB storage system which will employ Lustre as the
> main file system. The storage system will be extended at the later
> stage beyond 2PB.  I am considering using Lustre 2.2 for production
> environment. This Lustre storage system will replace our older 300TB
> system which is currently running Lustre 1.8.8. I am quite happy with
> lustre 1.8.8 however for the new system Lustre 2.2 seem to be a better
> match.  The storage system will be attached to a university wide
> cluster (800 nodes), hence there will be quite a large range of
> applications using the filesystem. Could people with production
> deployments of Lustre 2.2 share their experience please?

Marek Magrys
Systems Administrator
ACC Cyfronet AGH-UST

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