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Jerome, Ron Ron.Jerome at nrc-cnrc.gc.ca
Fri Jun 29 06:27:55 PDT 2012

Without actual error messages and the version of the installed code, I don't think anyone is going to be able to help much.

Personally, the first place I would start is the logs on the MDS. You can also get the lustre version from that node by running:

 rpm -qa | grep lustre

Recently, I also inherited a Lustre system (running 1.8.3) which was exhibiting similar issues and upgrading all the lustre servers to 1.8.8-wc1 (and CentOS 5.8) seems to have resolved all the issues.


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> Hello,
> I am totally new to lustre.  I have inherited a couple of clusters which have
> a lustre filesystem mounted on each node via infiniband.
> one cluster has 56 nodes on it, the other has about 18.
> There are 6 lustre servers, five of which are ost's and the sixth is the ost.
> I have a problem: namely that the lustre filesystem is not mounting at times,
> or mysteriously unmounts itself.  If I try to mount it, at times I will get an
> error, but I can't recall what it is.  I think the latency values have
> something to do with it, but in truth, I am kind of at a loss where to start.
> I have luster 1.8 installed.  I have the pdf manual by sun, but what it really
> doesn't seem to illustrate well is how to step into a running system.  Do any
> of you have any recommended reading I do?
> Thanks!
> --jason
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