[Lustre-discuss] Client kernel panic

David Noriega tsk133 at my.utsa.edu
Mon Mar 5 13:08:57 PST 2012

I've seen this happen every once in a while on nodes in our cluster.
Since they crash hard, unable to get much in the way of logs and this
is all I can see via remote console from their ilom:

Code: 8b 17 85 d2 74 73 8b 47 28 85 c0 74 f6 05 d1 58 d1 ff 01
RIP [<ffffffff88781ce1>] :lustre:ll_intent_drop_lock+0x11/0xb0
RSP <ffff810c3608d388>
<0>Kernel panic -not syncing : Fatal exception

I dont see anything on the OSS or meta data nodes except for the I
think its dead I'm evicting it message.

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