[Lustre-discuss] Anyone using ACLs?

Kent Engström kent at nsc.liu.se
Tue Mar 13 11:01:20 PDT 2012

Mario David <david at lip.pt> writes:
> hi Craig
> we still have lustre 1.8.6, but we (and several other sites) have been using acl's for a long time with no reported problem, i.e.
> lustre is a backend FS for a thing called Storm (storage resource managers, a grid storage thing) exposed to external grid users
> the way storm SW works it sets and modifies acl's according to whatever user or usage,
> I didn't experiment or set "default" acl's, though I suppose they should also work OK

There is an issue with default ACLs. See
"Lustre does not ignore umask when default ACL with mask is set"
(which contains proposed patches from Whamcloud for the issue).

Kent Engström, National Supercomputer Centre
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