[Lustre-discuss] lfs find doesn't find files but lustre seems to be using them

Ross, Justin ross at smu.edu
Mon May 21 01:32:18 PDT 2012

I am stuck on an issue with an OST.  I am in the process of replacing some disks in the Lustre file system under a few OSTs.  The process has been to drain the OSTs by marking the OST inactive, lfs find, copy to a new name, move to the old name.  It has been working very well for all of the OSTs.  I have one particular OST that has about 4.5TB of data on it and lfs find doesn't find any files on it at all.  My assumption was that Lustre doesn't know about any files on that OST.  I assumed a full fsck is in order.  But the real weird catch is that just watching the OST it is in use.  I have set it inactive so no new files are written to it.  There are a good bit of reads coming from that OST.  I watch the OSS with iostat and all of the other OSTs on that system are idle, already drained.  This one OST has plenty of read activity.  So it seems that Lustre does know about files on this OST, but just not with lfs find...  Any ideas how to find these files and move them?  I have mounted the OST with ldiskfs and everything looks ok.  There are plenty of files there.

I have file striping set to one OST.  I am running 1.8.5.  I will upgrade to 1.8.7 as soon as I can, but am curious if anyone else has seen anything like this.  I can't find any similar threads.

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