[Lustre-discuss] Large Corosync/Pacemaker clusters

Adrian Ulrich adrian at blinkenlights.ch
Wed Nov 7 02:14:00 PST 2012

> I will try the "renice" solution you proposed.

re-niceing corosync should not be required as the process is supposed to run with RT-Priority anyway.

> I have been thinking that I could increase the "token" timeout value in 
> /etc/corosync/corosync.conf , to prevent short "hiccups". Did you 
> specify a value to this parameter or did you leave the default 1000ms value?

We configured the token timeout to 17 seconds:

 totem {
        transport: udpu
        rrp_mode: passive
        token:     17000

This configuration works just fine for us since months: We didn't see a single 'false positive STONITH' with this configuration.


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