[Lustre-discuss] Using VMs for OSS machines

Colin Faber colin_faber at xyratex.com
Sun Nov 11 16:23:31 PST 2012

Hi Jon,

It really all depends on the kind of performance expectations you have, 
you should be able to run VM's as OSS's without issue, however the 
question is why? In most cases you want to utilize various physical 
nodes to get around single node CPU / back end IO bandwidth limitations. 
Another possible use case for this is for an active / active standby 
pair on a single node (running in VM's) in such a case this may help 
against localized software failures (logic errors) but won't do a think 
to help you with hardware faults.

So really you have to consider what you plan to do with this and 
remember that at some point you're paying for resources anyways.


On 11/11/2012 04:43 PM, Jon Yeargers wrote:
> Is it possible / reasonable to use VMs for the OSS component(s)? I’m 
> wondering about the feasibility of spending my limited storage budget 
> on iSCSI hardware and using some capacity from our existing VMware 
> infrastructure for OSS, and MDx.
> Something about this seems amiss though. Is it critical to commit 
> ‘true’ hardware to managing the various devices? This setup would 
> probably not exceed 20Tb spread across 5-6 iSCSI machines (for OSTs).
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