[Lustre-discuss] mounting Failover OSTs

Andrus, Brian Contractor bdandrus at nps.edu
Thu Oct 11 14:02:07 PDT 2012


I am starting to try and configure failover for our lustre filesystem.
Node00 is the mgs/mdt
Node00 is the oss for ost0 and failnode for ost1
Node01 is the oss for ost1 and failnode for ost0

Both osts are on an SRP network and are visible by both nodes.
Ost0 is mounted on node00
Ost1 is mounted on node01

If I try to mount ost0 on node01 I see in the logs for node00:
	kernel: Lustre: Denying initial registration attempt from nid at o2ib, specified as failover

So do I have to manually mount the ost for failover purposes when there is a fail?
I would have thought I mount the osts on both nodes and lustre will manage which node is the active node.

Brian Andrus

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