[Lustre-discuss] mounting Failover OSTs

Jeff Johnson jeff.johnson at aeoncomputing.com
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Do you have corosync or other Linux HA software infrastructure running 
on these systems? You need an HA software layer to manage heartbeat 
monitoring, split-brain protection and mounting/migrating of resources.


On 10/11/12 2:02 PM, Andrus, Brian Contractor wrote:
> All,
> I am starting to try and configure failover for our lustre filesystem.
> Node00 is the mgs/mdt
> Node00 is the oss for ost0 and failnode for ost1
> Node01 is the oss for ost1 and failnode for ost0
> Both osts are on an SRP network and are visible by both nodes.
> Ost0 is mounted on node00
> Ost1 is mounted on node01
> If I try to mount ost0 on node01 I see in the logs for node00:
> 	kernel: Lustre: Denying initial registration attempt from nid at o2ib, specified as failover
> So do I have to manually mount the ost for failover purposes when there is a fail?
> I would have thought I mount the osts on both nodes and lustre will manage which node is the active node.
> Brian Andrus
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