[Lustre-discuss] OST corruption?

Verduzco, Benjamin P. BENJAMIN.P.VERDUZCO at saic.com
Mon Apr 22 09:48:51 PDT 2013

That's correct, the used and free don't equal the total.     While there
is just about a 5% difference, I know the file system was reporting a
more reasonable 158 T used before the reboot.

Despite the file system size oddness, it seems to be working, so we'll
keep it in service for now, but we're moving up our plans to replace our
MDS and have consistent versions of both Lustre and the OS across all

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> *         When I brought the system up, it reported the used space
incorrectly (df -h shows 166T total, 150T used and 7.1 T free)

When you say that the used space is being reported incorrectly, do you
mean that the sum of the used and free space does not match the total
space?  Or do you have a reason to believe that 150 TB is not actually
used?  If it is the former, then that could be explained by the fact
that ext file systems by default reserve 5% of the disk space for the
root user.

Rick Mohr
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