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Hi Kevin,

Would Xyratex disclose the details of the IP transferred from Oracle?


On Wed, Feb 20, 2013 at 8:10 AM, Kevin Canady <kevin_canady at xyratex.com>wrote:

> Greetings Community!
> Today we are very excited to announce that Xyratex has purchased Lustre® and
> its assets from Oracle. We intend for Lustre to remain an open-source,
> community-driven file system to be promoted by our community organizations.
>  We undertook the acquisition because we realize its importance to the
> entire community and we want to help ensure that it will continue to
> deliver for all of us over the long term.  This is critically important to
> the growth and vitality of Lustre; it’s how it became what it is today, and
> it’s how it will deliver the most value in the future.  Several members of
> the Lustre community have endorsed these plans and voiced their support of
> our purchase, and contributed quotes which were included in our
> announcement today.
> Special thanks to our two community leaders Hugo Falter with EOFS and Norm
> Morse with OpenSFS for their support to date and into the future as we work
> to further the collaboration around Lustre.  Expect to hear more soon as we
> head into the 2013 Lustre User Group meeting in San Diego.
> http://www.opensfs.org/events/lug13/  It should be an exciting event!
> Best regards,
> Kevin
> P. Kevin Canady
> Director, Business Development Lustre and HPC Services
> kevin_canady at xyratex.com
> O: 510-687-5475
> C: 415.505.7701
> *Xyratex **Advances** Lustre® **Initiative, Assumes Ownership of Related
> Assets*
> *Xyratex plans to offer Lustre community and ClusterStor™ users
> significant value*
> *Havant, UK –* Feb. 19, 2013 – Xyratex Ltd (Nasdaq: XRTX), a leading
> provider of data storage technology, today announced it plans to advance
> the global Lustre® portfolio by supporting the community-oriented
> development of Lustre as an open source file system and continuing to work
> in conjunction with the broader community to help chart the best path
> forward for this key technology. Xyratex has recently acquired the original
> Lustre trademark, logo, website<http://wiki.lustre.org/index.php/Main_Page>and associated intellectual property from Oracle, and will assume
> responsibility for providing support to Lustre customers going forward.***
> *
> “Lustre is a powerful open source file system, and Xyratex strongly
> believes that all members of the Lustre community need to continue to play
> a part in the evolution of the code and the benefits it delivers over the
> long term,” said Steve Barber, CEO of Xyratex. “We want to ensure that
> current Lustre customers get the best possible feature roadmap and support,
> and we intend to engage the entire community to advance the Lustre
> technology. We also appreciate Oracle’s support of Lustre, and their
> efforts to ensure the long-term success of the technology.”**
> The Lustre file system, which was first released in 2003, is a
> client/server based, distributed architecture designed for large-scale
> compute and I/O-intensive, performance-sensitive applications. The Lustre
> architecture currently powers six of the top 10 high-performance computing
> (HPC) clusters in the world and more than 60 of the 100-largest HPC
> installations. It has emerged as a particularly popular choice in the
> meteorology, simulation, oil and gas, life science, rich media and finance
> sectors. ****
> *This purchase also gives Xyratex the opportunity to continue to leverage
> Lustre and provide more value through its best-of-breed ClusterStor™ family
> of scale-out HPC data storage solutions. ClusterStor delivers a new
> standard in file system performance, scalability and efficiency, and brings
> together what were previously discrete server, network and storage
> platforms with their own separate software layers. The results are
> integrated, modular, scale-out storage building blocks that enable systems
> to scale both performance and capacity while aggressively reducing space,
> power and administrative overhead.*****
> “Cray has been using Lustre as our primary parallel file system for the
> past 10 years, and has deployed some of the largest and most successful
> Lustre installations in the world with a variety of storage products,” said
> Barry Bolding, vice president of storage and data management at Cray. “We
> have recently worked with Xyratex to deploy successful Lustre installations
> in the government, energy, manufacturing and academic markets with the Cray
> Sonexion storage system, including the record-breaking NCSA installation
> running Lustre at over 1TB/sec. This announcement is another important step
> for Lustre and the OpenSFS community, and shows the promising future of the
> Lustre file system in supercomputing and Big Data.”****
> “Xyratex’ deep knowledge of Lustre, and ability to deploy and support it,
> has been critical in helping NCSA bring the Blue Waters system into
> production and making a new class of computational and data focused
> petascale system usable for our scientific and engineering teams,” said Dr.
> William Kramer, Blue Waters Deputy Directory at the University of Illinois'
> National Center for Supercomputing Application, whose Blue Waters
> supercomputer is amongst the fastest and most efficient in the world. “With
> Xyratex in a leadership role and continuing to work with the broader
> community, we have the utmost confidence that Lustre will continue to
> produce significant innovation, for the benefit of computational and data
> focused communities.”****
> “This strategic move by Xyratex is great news for the worldwide HPC
> community and the technical computing industry, because it shows a
> significant commitment to the future of Lustre,” said Earl Joseph, program
> vice president of high-performance systems at IDC. “Xyratex has been an
> integral member of the HPC and open-source community, and has worked with
> many partners in the community to bring Lustre to end users and deliver
> tremendous value. With Xyratex in this role, I’m looking forward to see
> what’s next for Lustre in terms of innovation and value, especially as we
> race towards exascale solutions.”****
> “Our organization is committed to facilitating collaboration and support
> for Lustre in the open file system community,” said Hugo Falter, director
> of European Open File System (EOFS). “Time and time again Xyratex has
> demonstrated its commitment to move Lustre forward with the rest of the
> open source community and make it more reliable for end users. I have
> complete confidence that Xyratex will remain true to this commitment over
> the long term.”****
> “OpenSFS actively supports the HPC open source file system community of
> which Xyratex is an active Member,” said Norm Morse, CEO at OpenSFS.  "This
> acquisition gives Xyratex a great opportunity in concert with other members
> of the Lustre community to continue the stability needed to ensure Lustre
> remains a vital part of HPC going forward.  We look forward to working with
> Xyratex in the future.”****
> “Xyratex, through this purchase, puts Lustre into the hands of a company
> that is focused on the needs of High Performance Computing, which is a good
> thing for the HPC community,” said Addison Snell, CEO at Intersect360
> Research. “Over the past few years the community has made significant
> progress in addressing these concerns, and Xyratex is well-positioned to
> facilitate the continued development and evolution of Lustre in the years
> ahead.”****
> “Xyratex’s knowledge of Lustre, and ability to deploy and support it, is
> of tremendous value to the Lustre community,” said Tommy Minyard, director
> of advanced computing systems at Texas Advanced Computing Center (TACC).
> “With Xyratex continuing to play an active role going forward, we have the
> utmost confidence that the Lustre community will continue to produce
> significant innovation, for the benefit of everyone.”****
> “Xyratex' acquisition of the Lustre assets secures the trust the community
> needs to continue investing in Lustre as a critical data access
> technology,” said Peter ffoulkes, research director for servers,
> virtualization and cloud computing at 451 Research. “Lustre is an integral
> component of some of the fastest and largest data storage systems in
> production today, a requirement that is only going to increase as the
> ‘Internet of Things’ feeds the proliferation of ‘Big Data’ in both private
> and public cloud environments. As the largest supplier of OEM data storage
> offerings, Xyratex has taken a strategic step to ensure the continued
> adoption of Lustre as a preferred solution for the most demanding data
> storage and access environments.”****
> Xyratex is* active and plays an integral role within several Lustre and
> HPC community organizations, including: OpenSFS;* *European Open File
> System (EOFS); the Exascale I/O Workgroup (EIOW); and the E*uropean
> Technology Platform for High Performance Computing (ETP4HPC). ****
> *About Xyratex **
> *Xyratex is a leading provider of data storage technology, including
> modular solutions for the enterprise data storage industry and hard disk
> drive (HDD) capital equipment for the HDD industry. Xyratex enterprise data
> storage platforms provide a range of advanced, scalable data storage
> solutions for the Original Equipment Manufacturer and High Performance
> Computing communities. As the largest capital equipment supplier to the HDD
> industry, Xyratex enables disk drive manufacturers and their component
> suppliers to meet today’s technology and productivity requirements. Xyratex
> has over 25 years of experience in research and development relating to
> disk drives, storage systems and manufacturing process technology. ****
> Founded in 1994 in an MBO from IBM, and with headquarters in the United
> Kingdom, Xyratex has an established global base with R&D and operational
> facilities in North America, Asia and Europe.****
> *Contacts:*
> Brad Driver****
> Vice President of Investor Relations****
> Tel:  +1 (510) 687-5260****
> Email: bdriver at xyratex.com****
> Mike Stolz****
> Vice President of Marketing and Alliances****
> Tel:  +1 (952) 303-4780****
> Email: mstolz at xyratex.com****
> *Lustre is a registered trademark of Xyratex Ltd. Other names may be
> trademarks of their respective owners.*****
> *# # #*****
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