[Lustre-discuss] Questions concerning quotacheck.

Theodoros Stylianos Kondylis kondil at gmail.com
Tue Jan 22 09:19:34 PST 2013

Hello to everyone.

I have a few questions concerning quotacheck and I would like your

Well first of all I would like to ask when is quotacheck required. The
obvious answer is when you first create your fs and have some users with
files and need quota.

But apart from that, when else is quotaceck required? For example is there
any case where the quotas will not be coherent? And have to run quotacheck
again in order to recheck them?

Secondly, inside the operations manual v1.8.4 section 9.1.2 it states that
the required time for quotacheck to complete its task, is proportional to
amount of files in the fs. So is there a practical way to get an indication
of the amount of time quotacheck will need?

For example in our test system I created 300,000 files containing a number
from 1 to 300,000 and then did a quotacheck which was completed inside 2
seconds. Does this mean that in our production system that contains a few
million files the time of quotacheck will be linear?

Thank you in advance for any reply/direction,
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