[Lustre-discuss] Opinions on failover configuration.

Theodoros Stylianos Kondylis kondil at gmail.com
Thu Jan 31 00:33:32 PST 2013

Hello everyone,

We are planning a new system and I would like your help about lustre.

We will have only 2 nodes for the lustre servers and I would like to ask
your opinion on how to configure failover.

I was thinking to set
node1 active :: mds/mgs, passive :: oss
node2 active :: oss,  passive :: mds/mgs

Α friend proposed me to set VMs on both nodes for failover. But I was
thinking that since the host will require some sources for handling the VMs
and there is always the risk the host to fail, do VMs worth the trouble?

Thank you in advance for any reply,
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