[Lustre-discuss] OBD_MD_FLCTIME error when running lustre 1.8.9 clients with lustre 2.1.6 server

Sean Brisbane s.brisbane1 at physics.ox.ac.uk
Fri Jul 19 08:01:01 PDT 2013


On my MDS server I see hundreds of messages sililar to the following after upgrading the servers previously in a 1.8.x  file system to version 2.1.6.

Jul 19 15:36:42 testmdsa kernel: Lustre: 3410:0:(mdt_xattr.c:379:mdt_reint_setxattr()) test-MDT0000: client miss to set OBD_MD_FLCTIME when setxattr trusted.lma: [object [0x200000401:0x4f2:0x0]] [valid 274877906944]

I can generate these by running the lfs_migrate script over a bunch of files on a client still running lustre 1.8.9.  I see a similar bug report where a similar looking error was fixed in May 2012 #LU-532.  Is this a regression and should it be something I need to worry about?

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