[Lustre-discuss] [HPDD-discuss] root squash problem

Bob Ball ball at umich.edu
Mon Jul 22 06:08:42 PDT 2013

Thanks, Malcolm.  Worked like a charm.  Your interpretation was clearly 
superior to mine.


On 7/21/2013 6:37 PM, Cowe, Malcolm J wrote:
> >From the Ops Manual (and hence not from direct experience), setting the nosquash_nids on the MGS will affect all MDTs -- it is a global setting when applied using conf_param on the MGS. In which case, the command will return an error when you specify an individual MDT using conf_param on the MGS.
> Instead, specify the file system that one wants to apply the squash rule to:
> lctl conf_param <fsname>.mdt.nosquash_nids="<nids>"
> e.g.:
> lctl conf_param umt3.mdt.nosquash_nids=" at tcp"
> To set this per MDT, use mkfs.lustre or tunefs.lustre (refer to the Lustre Operations Manual, section 22.2).
> Regards,
> Malcolm.
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>> We have just installed Lustre 2.1.6 on SL6.4 systems.  It is working
>> well.  However, I find that I am unable to apply root squash parameters.
>> We have separate mgs and mdt machines.  Under Lustre 1.8.4 this was
>> not
>> an issue for root squash commands applied on the mdt.  However, when
>> I
>> modify the command syntax for lctl conf_param to what I think should
>> now
>> be appropriate, I run into difficulty.
>> [root at lmd02 tools]# lctl conf_param
>> mdt.umt3-MDT0000.nosquash_nids=" at tcp"
>> No device found for name MGS: Invalid argument
>> This command must be run on the MGS.
>> error: conf_param: No such device
>> [root at mgs ~]# lctl conf_param
>> mdt.umt3-MDT0000.nosquash_nids=" at tcp"
>> error: conf_param: Invalid argument
>> I have not yet looked at setting the "root_squash" value, as this
>> problem has stopped me cold.  So, two questions:
>> 1. Is this even possible with our split mgs/mdt machines?
>> 2. If possible, what have I done wrong above?
>> Thanks,
>> bob
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