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Jones, Peter A peter.a.jones at intel.com
Wed Jun 12 06:02:08 PDT 2013

You can find the maintained version of the manual at

As per the recent OpenSFS survey, 1.8.x releases are still the most
commonly deployed, but more people are running Lustre 2.x releases.

There are people in production on Lustre 2.2 and Lustre 2.3, but Lustre
2.1.x is the most commonly selected 2.x release (CEA, LLNL, and NASA are
all in production on a 2.1.x release, for example) as it has been a
maintenance release stream - see http://lustre.opensfs.org/download-lustre/

On 6/12/13 3:28 AM, "E.S. Rosenberg" <esr+lustre at mail.hebrew.edu> wrote:

>Is there any up-to-date documentation on lustre available, I am trying
>to read myself in before I try to set up a lustre cluster but the
>documentation on the website seems to be 2-3 years or older.
>As far as I understood a while ago on IRC stable lustre is 1.8.x while
>2.x is not considered stable yet?
>The cluster I will be setting up will be running CentOS6 for the
>lustre machines (unless debian is after all an option).
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