[Lustre-discuss] ACLs and extended attributes after MDS move

Christopher J. Walker C.J.Walker at qmul.ac.uk
Sat Mar 23 08:59:48 PDT 2013

I have moved the metadata server on a lustre 1.8 filesystem  (previously 
upgraded from 1.6) to new hardware.

The posix acls and extended user attributes don't seem to have been 

Normally, I get something like:

[root at se03]# getfacl file024a771a-9d8c-4ad6-b3b5-068cc9148239
# file: file024a771a-9d8c-4ad6-b3b5-068cc9148239
# owner: storm
# group: storm

[root at se03]# getfattr -d file024a771a-9d8c-4ad6-b3b5-068cc9148239
# file: file024a771a-9d8c-4ad6-b3b5-068cc9148239

However these attributes seem to have been lost. What have I done wrong, 
and is there a way to recover? I still have the old MDS/MDT.

Where are the user extended attributes stored? Are they on the MDT? 
Ditto the posix acls? Have I mounted the old MDT incorrectly?

What I did was:

# On old server
mount -t ldiskfs /dev/sdb /mnt/mgs
cd /mnt/mgs
getfattr -R -d -m '.*' -P . 

tar -czf -  --sparse . >/mnt/installs/lustre-reinstall/sn01-viamds.tar.gz

Then on the new server

mkfs.lustre --fsname lustre_0 --mgs --mdt --reformat /dev/mapper/mpath2
mount -t ldiskfs /dev/mapper/mpath2 /mnt/mgs
cd /mnt/mgs
tar xzpf  /mnt/installs/lustre-reinstall/sn01-viamds.tar.gz --sparse
setfattr --restore=/mnt/installs/lustre-reinstall/ea-sn01-viamds.bak

Then, as the MDS has moved IP address, I run a writeconf on the MDT:

tunefs.lustre --param=failover.node= at tcp --erase-params 
--writeconf /dev/mapper/mpath2

and all the OSTs as the MDS has changed IP address.

tunefs.lustre --erase-params --mgsnode= at tcp --writeconf /dev/sdb

I do notice that the ea-sn01-viamds.bak file only contains entries like:
and not user.storm.checksum.adler32="d74d9210"



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