[Lustre-discuss] Issue regarding lustre client mountpoint

linux freaker linuxfreaker at gmail.com
Fri May 3 20:25:09 PDT 2013

My MDS and OSS configuration look like:


/dev/mapper/vg00-mdt on /mnt/mdt type lustre (rw)

lctl list_nids at o2ib

OSS1 and OSS2:

# lctl list_nids at o2ib

 cat /proc/fs/lustre/devices
  0 UP mgc MGC192.168.1.1 at o2ib fe161cab-092e-5a7b-0ac1-6081653d099e 5
  1 UP ost OSS OSS_uuid 3
  2 UP obdfilter lustre-OST0006 lustre-OST0006_UUID 5
  3 UP obdfilter lustre-OST0007 lustre-OST0007_UUID 5
  4 UP obdfilter lustre-OST0008 lustre-OST0008_UUID 5
  5 UP obdfilter lustre-OST0009 lustre-OST0009_UUID 5
  6 UP obdfilter lustre-OST000a lustre-OST000a_UUID 5
  7 UP obdfilter lustre-OST000b lustre-OST000b_UUID 5


[root at lustreclient1 ~]# mount -t lustre at o2ib:/lustre /mnt/lustre
mount.lustre: mount at o2ib0:/lustre at /mnt/lustre failed:
No such file or directory
Is the MGS specification correct?
Is the filesystem name correct?
If upgrading, is the copied client log valid? (see upgrade docs)

#lctl list_nids at tcp

Please note that earlier I had as MDS which is still
being displayed. I am not sure if lctl list nids need to run on

[root at lustreclient1 ~]# ^C
[root at lustreclient1 ~]#

Why client is not mounting. My MGS is working fine.
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