[Lustre-discuss] Issue regarding lustre client mountpoint

Lee, Brett brett.lee at intel.com
Sat May 4 00:32:06 PDT 2013

Looks like you are going from an Ethernet client to Lustre servers on an IB network. Have you configured LNet routing between these networks?

Before trying to mount, ensure that the client can reach the MGS using:

[lustreclient1]# lctl ping at o2ib0

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My MDS and OSS configuration look like:



/dev/mapper/vg00-mdt on /mnt/mdt type lustre (rw)

lctl list_nids at o2ib<mailto: at o2ib>

OSS1 and OSS2:

# lctl list_nids at o2ib<mailto: at o2ib>

 cat /proc/fs/lustre/devices

  0 UP mgc MGC192.168.1.1 at o2ib<mailto:MGC192.168.1.1 at o2ib> fe161cab-092e-5a7b-0ac1-6081653d099e 5

  1 UP ost OSS OSS_uuid 3

  2 UP obdfilter lustre-OST0006 lustre-OST0006_UUID 5

  3 UP obdfilter lustre-OST0007 lustre-OST0007_UUID 5

  4 UP obdfilter lustre-OST0008 lustre-OST0008_UUID 5

  5 UP obdfilter lustre-OST0009 lustre-OST0009_UUID 5

  6 UP obdfilter lustre-OST000a lustre-OST000a_UUID 5

  7 UP obdfilter lustre-OST000b lustre-OST000b_UUID 5


[root at lustreclient1 ~]# mount -t lustre at o2ib:/lustre<mailto: at o2ib:/lustre> /mnt/lustre

mount.lustre: mount at o2ib0:/lustre<mailto: at o2ib0:/lustre> at /mnt/lustre failed: No such file or directory

Is the MGS specification correct?

Is the filesystem name correct?

If upgrading, is the copied client log valid? (see upgrade docs)

#lctl list_nids at tcp<mailto: at tcp>

Please note that earlier I had as MDS which is still being displayed. I am not sure if lctl list nids need to run on client.

[root at lustreclient1 ~]# ^C

[root at lustreclient1 ~]#

Why client is not mounting. My MGS is working fine.
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