[Lustre-discuss] Mount takes long time after abnormal shutdown of MDS/OSS

Chan Ching Yu, Patrick cychan at clustertech.com
Mon May 27 08:00:35 PDT 2013

Hi all,

In my testing environment, there are one MDS/OSS server and one Lustre client, running on CentOS 6.3. Lustre 2.1.5 is used.

I tried to power off the MDS/OSS server abnormally while Lustre filesystem is still mounted on Lustre client.
Then I power off Lustre client, start MDS/OSS and Lustre client. However, Lustre client takes long time to mount. 

The following repeated messages are generated on console:
May 27 22:06:33 node1 kernel: LustreError: 11-0: an error occurred while communicating with at tcp. The mds_connect operation failed with ¨C16


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