[Lustre-discuss] Tunefs.lustre without amounting everything

Alastair Ferguson aferguson at cmcrc.com
Sun Jul 27 22:36:22 PDT 2014

On the weekend I moved our lustre filesystem configuration from a single MGS to a failover MGS / MDS with heartbeat and got it going.

I had to run tunefs.lustre on all OSS / MGS / MDS servers.

I had some issues with mounting the OSTs on the new failover mgs and could only mount them with the following command:

tunefs.lustre --writeconf --erase-params --mgsnode= --param="mdt.group_upcall=NONE" /dev/mapper/mpath8p1

Rather than the command I ran on all other servers:

tunefs.lustre --dryrun --fsname=AC3 --mdt --mgsnode= --failnode= /dev/mapper/mpath7p1

I have no idea. Anyway, whatever.

So I am adding a new OST to the failover MGS and ran this command:

mkfs.lustre --ost —mgsnode= --failnode= --param="mdt.group_upcall=NONE" /dev/mapper/mpath7p2

but it doesn’t mount - I guess I should have known. I then ran the:

tunefs.lustre --writeconf --erase-params --mgsnode= --param="mdt.group_upcall=NONE" /dev/mapper/mpath7p2

and mounted which worked but it didn’t add to the overall amount of disk space. This was because I should have umounted everything first and then run it I assume.

So my question is, do I A> umount it and then run:

mkfs.lustre --ost —mgsnode= --param="mdt.group_upcall=NONE" /dev/mapper/mpath7p2

and then mount or B> umount everything and then run the tunefs.lustre on everything again and then mount? everything together. A would be my choice if I could.


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