[Lustre-discuss] OST recovery/e2fsck version

Gretchen Zwart zwart at astro.umass.edu
Tue May 13 14:19:55 PDT 2014

I have one of 10 OSTs with underlying hardware failure (not catastrophic
yet just flakey). Initially e2fsck resolved errors but the last pass came
up with "short read" and I am dealing with harwdare issues on ailing OST. I
have inactivated this OST but the remaining data is not much use without it.

I am running lustre 1.8.7 (sles11 kernel/debian 6.0). I would like to know
which is best e2fsck version to use. I have

Gretchen Zwart
UMass Astronomy Dept. 619E Lederle
710 North Pleasant ST
Amherst,MA 01003
(413) 577-2108
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