[Lustre-discuss] df running slow

Jon Tegner tegner at foi.se
Wed Nov 26 04:59:23 PST 2014


I recently got some help regarding removing an OSS/OST from the file 
system. Last thing I did was to permanently remove it with (on the MDS):

lctl conf_param ost_name.osc.active=0

This all seems to be working, and on the clients, the command

lctl dl

indicates the OSS/OST is inactive. However, after a reboot of the 
clients the same command no longer indicates the removed OSS/OST to be 
inactive. Besides, the command


Takes almost 2 minutes to complete.

I'm probably doing something really stupid here, and would be happy if 
someone could tell me what it is ;-)

Running 2.5.3.


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