[Lustre-discuss] RPC packing

Drokin, Oleg oleg.drokin at intel.com
Tue Oct 7 17:33:43 PDT 2014


On Oct 7, 2014, at 11:03 AM, teng wang wrote:
>  I know the RPC will pack the
> client's data into 4MB buffer and transfer. The question is does the
> client pack the writes even the writes on the client belong
> to noncontiguous extents of the same file? Say, 1 client is issuing
> two writes on two noncontiguous extents of the same file, the first write
> from offset 0 to 16KB-1, the second write from 32KB to 
> 48KB-1,  apparently these two writes are noncontiguous, so
> will the two writes still be packed into the 4MB buffer?

Yes, noncontiguous writes of the same type (i.e. you cannot mix diret io
and normal directio) would be packed in the same RPC


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