[lustre-discuss] Searching some informations concerning version-compatiblities of Lustre/OFED

Sven Schumacher schumacher at tfd.uni-hannover.de
Wed Apr 8 13:36:33 PDT 2015

I am looking for information, which OFED versions are compatible to
which Lustre versions.
We have some Mellanox ConnectX Cards and Mellanox offers OFED 2.4...
Now I would like to know, if Lustre is compatible to OFED 2.4
or which OFED version should be used instead?

Thanks in advance


By the way:
mentions: For details of development in progress within the Lustre
community see the Community Development wiki
which has moved to [2] which refers to  [3] as a new source of
information, which is under construction, so perhaps at [4] is the
information someone needs...

[2]: http://wiki.opensfs.org/Lustre_Community_Development_in_Progress
[3]: http://wiki.lustre.org/
[4]: http://wiki.old.lustre.org/

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