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Scott Nolin scott.nolin at ssec.wisc.edu
Tue Apr 28 11:58:36 PDT 2015


With the new lustre.org and wiki.lustre.org site there is an opportunity 
to make this a more useful tool for community involvement with Lustre.

Here are my ideas for how to arrange the new site. I know Chris Morrone 
and OpenSFS members are interested in what the community can do with this.

Please weigh in with your ideas too.

1) Top Level / Menu Bar links should lead to all the content. This 
requires some site-level editoral work to make it sensible.

2) Make a section for OpenSFS type links - I'm thinking the kind of 
stuff that is already there, such as 'Development' 'Projects" and so on 
- probably news and announcements too.

3) Make another section for community content. This should be also in 
the menu bar.

4) For the community content menus (also visible) provide categories. 
Clicking on a category brings up all community content (or all content?) 
tagged with that category keyword.

5) (maybe) Include another link for MISC categories, that captures 
everything not in #4

After 1-5 the need for site editoral work on the menus ends, now the 
community can add whatever pages they want. A new wiki member can add a 
page, tag it with a category and it goes to the right spot.

An ascii mockup of the menu bar (each line is a link):

Main Page
Community Pages
  How To
  Patch Lists
  (what else?)
MediaWiki Links
  Recent Changes
  Random Page

I believe the most important thing now is to make this easy to use and 
encourage people to share their content.

Thank you,

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