[lustre-discuss] wiki.lustre.org - input on community content

Christopher J. Morrone morrone2 at llnl.gov
Tue Apr 28 13:11:59 PDT 2015

On 04/28/2015 11:58 AM, Scott Nolin wrote:
> Hello,
> With the new lustre.org and wiki.lustre.org site there is an opportunity
> to make this a more useful tool for community involvement with Lustre.
> Here are my ideas for how to arrange the new site. I know Chris Morrone
> and OpenSFS members are interested in what the community can do with this.
> Please weigh in with your ideas too.
> 1) Top Level / Menu Bar links should lead to all the content. This
> requires some site-level editoral work to make it sensible.


> 2) Make a section for OpenSFS type links - I'm thinking the kind of
> stuff that is already there, such as 'Development' 'Projects" and so on
> - probably news and announcements too.

Granted, OpenSFS plays a large part in planning and funding Lustre 
releases and development work, but those wiki pages are explicitly meant 
to be Lustre-centric rather than OpenSFS-centric.

> 3) Make another section for community content. This should be also in
> the menu bar.

I don't think that we want to do that.  Our stance should be that the 
entire wiki is community content.  We don't want to split the 
wiki.lustre.org into community and non-community sections.  For things 
that are genuinely OpenSFS specific, they will remain on OpenSFS's wiki. 
  I believe that EOFS will do the same.

For instance, it is my intent that 
http://wiki.opensfs.org/Lustre_Working_Group remain on the OpenSFS wiki. 
  The OpenSFS contracts will be tracked on OpenSFS's wiki.  But much of 
the output of our LWG work and contracts will result in generally 
applicable Lustre documentation that we will feed to the lustre.org wiki.


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