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Christopher J. Morrone morrone2 at llnl.gov
Tue Apr 28 13:50:55 PDT 2015

Sure, no problem!  I just added a Monitoring section to the sidebar for you.


On 04/28/2015 01:25 PM, Scott Nolin wrote:
> Thank you for clarifying the OpenSFS vs lustre.org thing Chris, this
> makes sense to me.
> That makes it even easier. So my suggestions now mostly boil down to
> getting links to category information in the sidebar. I'm guessing that
> can either be done manually by a site admin or with a mediawiki
> extension of some kind.
> Thanks again,
> Scott
> On 4/28/2015 3:11 PM, Christopher J. Morrone wrote:
>> On 04/28/2015 11:58 AM, Scott Nolin wrote:
>>> Hello,
>>> With the new lustre.org and wiki.lustre.org site there is an opportunity
>>> to make this a more useful tool for community involvement with Lustre.
>>> Here are my ideas for how to arrange the new site. I know Chris Morrone
>>> and OpenSFS members are interested in what the community can do with
>>> this.
>>> Please weigh in with your ideas too.
>>> 1) Top Level / Menu Bar links should lead to all the content. This
>>> requires some site-level editoral work to make it sensible.
>> Absolutely.
>>> 2) Make a section for OpenSFS type links - I'm thinking the kind of
>>> stuff that is already there, such as 'Development' 'Projects" and so on
>>> - probably news and announcements too.
>> Granted, OpenSFS plays a large part in planning and funding Lustre
>> releases and development work, but those wiki pages are explicitly meant
>> to be Lustre-centric rather than OpenSFS-centric.
>>> 3) Make another section for community content. This should be also in
>>> the menu bar.
>> I don't think that we want to do that.  Our stance should be that the
>> entire wiki is community content.  We don't want to split the
>> wiki.lustre.org into community and non-community sections.  For things
>> that are genuinely OpenSFS specific, they will remain on OpenSFS's wiki.
>>   I believe that EOFS will do the same.
>> For instance, it is my intent that
>> http://wiki.opensfs.org/Lustre_Working_Group remain on the OpenSFS wiki.
>>   The OpenSFS contracts will be tracked on OpenSFS's wiki.  But much of
>> the output of our LWG work and contracts will result in generally
>> applicable Lustre documentation that we will feed to the lustre.org wiki.
>> Chris
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