[lustre-discuss] lshowmount equivalent?

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Sun Dec 13 22:43:34 PST 2015

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>We noticed with recent versions of lustre lshowmount has disappeared.
>Annoyingly, it's still in the lustre docs, this is at least noted with a
>It's one of those tools that is very handy if you know about it, or was
>while it was there...
>Is there a new command that is similar that isn't documented or something?

Is this a tool that you are using?  IIRC, there wasn't a particular reason
that it was removed, except that when we asked LLNL (the authors) they
said they were no longer using it, and we couldn't find anyone that was
using it so it was removed in commit b5a7260ae8f along with a bunch of
other old tools.

If there is a demand for lshowmount I don't think it would be hard to

Cheers, Andreas
Andreas Dilger

Lustre Principal Architect
Intel High Performance Data Division

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