[Lustre-discuss] Questions about the LNET routing

teng wang tzw0019 at gmail.com
Thu Feb 19 13:27:46 PST 2015

I have a basic question about the LNET.  Will the data belonging

to the same object be routed from the same interface? For example,

if a node has multiple network interfaces and two processes are

running on the same node writing to the same shared file, striped

across 1 OST.

Process 1 writes like:

write chunk1

write chunk2

Process 2 writes like:

write chunk3

write chunk4

If Process 1 and Process2 are pinned to two different network interfaces,

say Eth0 and Eth1. Then from the OSC side, will these chunks be routed

to the OST from the same interface (E.g. All the four chunks through

Eth0)?  If so, what if they write different objects that come to the same

OST (E.g. Process1 write File1, Process2 write file2, file1 and file2 are

striped over the same OST)?


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