[lustre-discuss] Lustre 2.7 with EL7

Jon Tegner tegner at foi.se
Fri Jul 31 01:32:33 PDT 2015


we have some new hardware, on which we want to bring up Lustre (as of 
today we have two Lustre systems, 2.5.3, running on CentOS-6.5). Without 
checking we installed CentOS-7.1 on them, but when looking for the 
server packages we realized that there are none for RHEL7 systems.

So it seems we have two options:

1. Wait for Lustre 2.8.0, or
2. Install CentOS-6.6 on our servers.

No big deal to re install the servers, but just wanted to check if we 
have other options that we missed (or, if possible, 2.8.0 is going to be 
released really soon).



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