[lustre-discuss] MGTMDT device getting full

Torsten Harenberg torsten.harenberg at cern.ch
Fri Oct 16 07:31:34 PDT 2015

Am 16.10.2015 um 16:01 schrieb Ben Evans:
> Looks like you¹ve got some really large changelogs built up.  Did you have
> robin hood, or some other consumer running at some point that has since
> stalled?

Don't think so, as I never heard about "Robin Hood" in the context of

The setup is pretty simple, devices were created with

mkfs.lustre --fsname=lustre --mgs --mdt --backfstype=ext4
--failnode= at tcp --verbose /dev/mapper/MGTMDT


mkfs.lustre --fsname=lustre --ost --backfstype=ext4
--failnode= at tcp --mgsnode= at tcp
--mgsnode= at tcp --verbose /dev/mapper/OST0000


The only "add-on" we have is quota support. Back in 2.1.5 that was
enabled with:

lfs quotacheck –ug /lustre
lfs quotaon /lustre

The file system is mounted on about 200 nodes and accessed by cluster

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