[lustre-discuss] MGTMDT device getting full

Torsten Harenberg torsten.harenberg at cern.ch
Fri Oct 16 11:03:41 PDT 2015

Thanks Chris for both of your mails.

One of my users is already heavily deleting files. Of course metadata
usage goes down now, but too early to conclude if that will recover a
substancial amount of space.

Am 16.10.2015 um 19:50 schrieb Christopher J. Morrone:
> Oh.  Doh.  I missed the low Inode usage that you listed in your first
> email.   Ben was right, that kind of does point to some runaway log
> files like changelogs.  Perhaps you enabled them by accident?  Do you
> have any kind of HSM?  It would be good to check the changelog_users
> regardless.

I cannot remember doing it - only started reading about that feature
after Ben's mail. And I think the results before (see my mail which
"crossed" yours)  show that this is not activated.

Other stuff I checked

[root at lustre2 ~]# lctl get_param debug
debug=ioctl neterror warning error emerg ha config console

There is no  HSM, also no HA. But the data is on a SAN backend and a 2nd
server is running on "hot standby". After bad experience with HA with an
old Lustre cluster in the past, I left it that way.

> If that doesn't show anything, you probably need to mount your MDT's
> backend filesystem as a local filesytem (readonly) and look for where
> the space is going.

Let me guess: that cannot be done while Lustre is active, or?

Thanks again


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