[lustre-discuss] Multiple MGS interfaces config

Martin Hecht hecht at hlrs.de
Thu Sep 24 09:12:35 PDT 2015

On 09/24/2015 05:33 PM, Chris Hunter wrote:
> [...]
>>    2. What's the best way to trace the TCP client interactions to see
>> where
>>    it's breaking down?
> If lnet is running on the client, you can try "lctl ping"
> eg) lctl ping at o2ib
> I believe a lustre mount uses ipoib for initial handshake with a mds
> o2ib interfaces. You should make sure regular ping over ipoib is
> working before mounting lustre.
if the client and the server is on the same network, yes, it's a good
starting point. But it's not a prerequisite. In general you can have an
lnet router in-between or have different ip subnets for ipoib, so you
can't ping on the ipoib layer, but you can still lctl ping the whole
path (although you could verify that you can ip ping to the next hop at

We also have a case in which we tried to block ipoib completely with
iptables, but we still could lctl ping, even after rebooting the host
and ensuring that the firewall was up before loading the lnet module.
So, I doubt that ipoib is needed at all for establishing the o2ib

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