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Hi Tim,

It sounds like maybe you see the summary and the OST list, but not the MDT list.

The ltop display has 3 different components:
[ summary ]
[ mdt list ]
[ ost list ]

The summary at the top has all the fields displayed in the mdt list; so if you have only 1 MDT, then it doesn't waste the screen space used by an MDT list, and just shows
[ ost list    ]

Does that explain it?

Olaf P. Faaland
Livermore Computing
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Subject: [lustre-devel] LMT 3.2 - MDT display


After seeing a presentation at LUG16 (http://cdn.opensfs.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/LUG2016D1_LMT-Only-a-Flesh-Wound_Faaland.pdf), I was excited to try the updated version of LMT (3.2) as it appeared detailed MDT/MDS information is included in ltop output.

I have successfully built and installed LMT 3.2, but there is no display of MDT info.

Wondering how I might troubleshoot this further. Everything is working, its just not giving me the MDT/MDS info as I expected it might.

Tom Crowe
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