[lustre-discuss] Mounting Lustre over IB-to-Ethernet gateway

Kevin M. Hildebrand kevin at umd.edu
Mon Aug 1 04:05:34 PDT 2016

Our Lustre filesystem is currently set up to use the o2ib interface only-
all of the servers have
options lnet networks=o2ib0(ib0)

We've just added a Mellanox IB-to-Ethernet gateway and would like to be
able to have clients on the Ethernet side also mount Lustre.  The gateway
extends the same layer-2 IP range that's being used for IPoIB out to the
Ethernet clients

How should I go about doing this?  Since the clients don't have IB, it
doesn't appear that I can use o2ib0 to mount.  Do I need to add another
lnet network on the servers?  Something like
options lnet networks=o2ib0(ib0),tcp0(ib0)?  Can I have both protocols on
the same interface?
And if I do have to add another lnet network, is there any way to do so
without restarting the servers?


Kevin Hildebrand
University of Maryland, College Park
Division of IT
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