[lustre-discuss] building lustre from source rpms, mellanox OFED, CentOS 6.8

Lana Deere lana.deere at gmail.com
Fri Dec 16 09:35:20 PST 2016


The Lustre manual says that instructions for building Lustre from source
are available online, but I have not been able to locate anything
Lustre-specific, just general rpmbuild documentation and items in Jira
about trouble people had.  Can someone give me a pointer to any
Lustre-specific documentation there might be?

The reason I want to build from source is because I need to upgrade the
OFED in CentOS from the distribution version to a current Mellanox version
(3.4-2, ideally).  Has anyone had any success in building Lustre against
the Mellanox OFED stack, and if so is there any help or tips online
somewhere for me to look at?


.. Lana (lana.deere at gmail.com)
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