[lustre-discuss] Check clients connected? (Phill Harvey-Smith)

Mike Hatz mhatz at nrao.edu
Thu Dec 15 10:53:23 PST 2016

> 4. Check clients connected? (Phill Harvey-Smith)

Hi Phill,

We have used this before, which might be helpful or at least get you 
pointed in the right direction.

Running this on our MDS, showing InfiniBand and Ethernet clients:

# lshowmount -lev

     0 at lo
     cvpost-master-ib0 at o2ib
     cvpost002-ib0 at o2ib
     cvpost003-ib0 at o2ib
     cvpost004-ib0 at o2ib
     cvpost005-ib0 at o2ib
     cvpost006-ib0 at o2ib
     cvpost007-ib0 at o2ib
     cvpost008-ib0 at o2ib

----->8     SNIP     8<-----

     shadowfax at tcp
     sin at tcp
     skyhawk at tcp
     slacktide at tcp

Hope this helps.


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