[lustre-discuss] Moving files out of MDT ROOT/ directory

Tommi T tommi_t77 at yahoo.com
Wed Dec 21 05:57:38 PST 2016

We have 33 files/inodes which we'd like to move out MDT ROOT/ directory due to FS corruption issue. If I mount MDT as as ldiskfs and create some directory (e.g. CORRUPTED) and move corrupted files from ROOT/path/file to CORRUPTED, will lustre ignore those files? 
Another option is just mark those inodes as a used with debugfs so that e2fsck could "fix" the fs.
Corruption is not lustre fault, something writes EFI partition label on top of lustre fs. It's exactly at $(fs size) - 2 TB location so atm. we suspect Qlogic FC card bios settings. 
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