[lustre-discuss] ZFS inode accounting

Hans Henrik Happe happe at nbi.ku.dk
Fri Jan 29 08:52:26 PST 2016


I've been testing 2.7.64 on ZFS and discovered that inode accounting 
showed very high counts:

lfs quota -g others /lustre/hpc
Disk quotas for group others (gid 8000):
      Filesystem  kbytes   quota   limit   grace   files   quota   limit 
     /lustre/hpc      41  1073741824 1073741824       - 
18446744073709536075       0       0       -

That looks like a 64-bit uint counter that are going below zero. It 
keeps counting down when I run mdtest with 2 or more processes. With one 
process it's the same before and after. Guess it must be a race.

The syslog on MDT shows this message:

LustreError: 8563:0:(osd_object.c:1485:osd_object_create()) hpc-MDT0000: 
failed to add [0x200001b73:0x1cae8:0x0] to accounting ZAP for grp 8000 (-2)

After reading LU-2435 and LU-5638 I guess there are still some issues 
that needs to be sorted out?

Is there a way to make Lustre recheck the quota?

Hans Henrik
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