[lustre-discuss] Odd behavior with Matlab.

Phill Harvey-Smith p.harvey-smith at warwick.ac.uk
Thu Jun 2 08:39:15 PDT 2016

On 02/06/2016 14:32, E.S. Rosenberg wrote:
> What is the output of:
> cat /sys/fs/lustre/version

Ok /proc/fs/lustre/version :

On the 16.04 system which barfs on matlab :

lustre: 2.8.53_51_g3680fa1
kernel: patchless_client
build:  2.8.53_51_g3680fa1

On the 12.04 system where matlab works :

lustre: 2.4.53
kernel: patchless_client
build:  v2_4_52_0-g55605c6-CHANGED-3.8.0-27-generic



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