[lustre-discuss] Building RPMs for 2.5.3 on CentOS-7.2

Patrick Farrell paf at cray.com
Sun Jun 5 06:26:17 PDT 2016


Do you need the server code?  If not, you can do --disable-server (I think) and skip the kernel patching steps.  If no, you're out of luck - the public 2.5 code is not going to build against 7.2.

In fact, you may have some issues even just building the client.  But those may be surmountable, I'd say the server issues are not.

- Patrick
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I want to build RPMS for 2.5.3 on CentOS-7.2 (the other option would be
to use 2.8.0, but since we don't need the news in 2.8.0, and since I've
heard 2.5.3 would be more stable I opted to go for 2.5.3).

Found the link


describing the process under CentOS-6.4, but I do get a bit hesitant
over this procedure when I reach the kernel-patching-part.

Is it in general a bad idea to build 2.5.3 on 7.2? Hints on proceeding?

Do prebuilt RPMs exist (would make life easier)?

Since we only require 7.2 on the clients, would it be an option to use
2.5.3 on CentOS-6.5 on the servers, and 2.8.0 on CentOS-7.2 on the clients?

Regards, and thanks!


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